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Thursday, June 19 , 2014

No More Oily Hair!

You know it's healthier not to wash your hair every day, but you get the greasies so easily! Here's what to do...

Add two tablespoons of Epsom salts to a bottle of your regular shampoo. Shake it thoroughly to blend in and slightly dissolve the salts. Then, every other time you shampoo, massage your roots and scalp (the oiliest areas) with the Epsom-salted shampoo. (Yes, this means you'll need to rotate between two bottles of shampoo—one plain and one salted.) You should be able to cut your hair washing down to two or three times a week—without that depressing, oily-hair feeling!

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Wednesday, June 18 , 2014

Garden Cure for Achy Feet

Were you on your feet all day and now your dogs are barking? Or maybe there's some weird ache around your ankles or shin area, and you need a little natural soothing. Here's a healing vegetable for those achy feet.

Boil or roast a large turnip until it's soft. Then mash it and spread half of it on a white cotton handkerchief. Spread the other half on another handkerchief. Apply the turnip mush to the bottoms of your bare feet, bandage them in place, and sit with your feet elevated for about half an hour. This "sole food" should draw out the pain and tiredness.

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Tuesday, June 17 , 2014

Smelly Garbage Can Fix

"Take out the garbage!" How often do you hear or say those words in your household? Why is it such a hateful chore? Because no one wants to go near that smelly garbage bin! Here's what we do...

Empty the bin of any loose bits of food or peels, and dump in one-half cup of ammonia, one tablespoon of liquid dish detergent and two cups of hot water (careful not to splash yourself). Swish it all around vigorously. We normally don't like to use ammonia or bleach because of the harsh fumes, but ammonia is an excellent disinfectant for the garbage can, and it usually cleans off any garbage ooze and yuck without having to scrub the interior. If you don't want to use ammonia, use one-half cup of white vinegar instead.

Note: Never combine vinegar with ammonia or bleach of any kind. This combination creates a toxic gas that's harmful. You should also never combine ammonia and bleach together—that creates toxic chloramine vapors, which can cause respiratory damage (yikes!).

Rinse the bin well, and wipe or air dry. Then sprinkle a thin layer of borax powder (available at grocery stores or department stores such as Target or Walmart) on the bottom of the can. Doing this should inhibit the growth of bacteria and mold and will also prevent the dreaded reeking garbage can. Resprinkle the borax about once a month, and use the cleaning mix every six months—or if you've had a leak or spill and the garbage smell has come back.

Bonus tip for easier trash cleanup: Put several liners in the garbage can at once. When the can is full, take out the trash in the top liner, leaving the liner underneath all ready to go!

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Monday, June 16 , 2014

Dark Under-Eye Circles

If you had a night of too much alcohol and not enough sleep, you might wake up with dark circles under your eyes. Those raccoon rings could also be from allergies, general irritation or just getting old. If you've checked out your rings with the doctor and he/she says that there's nothing majorly wrong with you, try these remedies...

If you have access to fresh figs, try cutting one in half and placing the halves under your eyes with the moist fig insides against your skin. You should, of course, lie down and relax for 15 to 30 minutes while you do this. OK, fig face, time to get up and gently rinse the sticky stuff off with tepid water. Dab on some peanut oil or olive oil to give the thin eye skin a subtle, healthful glow.

When figs are not in season, grate an unwaxed cucumber or a small scrubbed (preferably red) potato. Put the gratings on two gauze pads (or cheesecloth...anything that will allow some seepage), lie down and place the pads, gauze-side down, under your eyes. Rinse your face with cool water, and dab on some peanut or olive oil.

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Friday, June 13 , 2014

Home Cure for Razor Burn

Hey, you men! Get yourselves ready for all those extra Father's Day hugs and kisses with a nice close shave. What? Now you have razor’s rash? Here's what to do...

Puncture a vitamin E capsule, squish out the contents, and mix with a little petroleum jelly. Then gently spread the mixture on the irritated skin. Your rash should be gone in a day or less.

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Thursday, June 12 , 2014

Keep Your Thermos Fresh

If you use your thermos or commuter mug only occasionally—say, when you oversleep and don't have time to drink your homemade coffee—you want to keep it fresh without a stale smell. Here's what to do...

Store your commuter mug (or thermos) with one white sugar cube or with one teaspoon of white sugar inside. Make sure the thermos is clean (see below) and dry, and the top is screwed on tight. The sugar will stop any stale odors before they start.

If your commuter mug is really dirty: Add equal parts of baking soda, cream of tartar and lemon juice—enough to fill about one-third of the container. Put the cover on and shake vigorously, or use a bottle brush to scrub with the mixture. Or use our favorite bottle-washing trick—put about two tablespoons of uncooked rice in the mug or thermos with the above cleaning mixture and about one-half cup of warm water, cover, shake vigorously, dump everything out, rinse and air dry. Your thermos/commuter mug has never been sweeter!

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Wednesday, June 11 , 2014

Diarrhea-Free Travel

Are you gearing up for some exotic travel this summer? Passport, shots, bathing suit, tummy-trouble medicine...what a drag if an unwelcome stowaway gets in your system! Here's what to do...

If you're traveling in countries where papaya is readily available, you should eat this fruit every day. It will help digestion and help deter intestinal parasites, especially if you're eating foods that you're not used to eating. More important than the papaya meat are the seeds inside the papaya. Eat one teaspoon of the raw seeds daily. (Chew as much as you can—they have a surprising peppery taste.) They also contain papain, a protein-digesting enzyme that breaks down the cell walls of whatever's in your stomach—including things you don't want there.

A reminder Don't drink the water! The best way to prevent parasitic infection is to avoid consuming local water (including ice cubes!) when you travel. Be sure to wash all raw fruits and vegetables with clean bottled water—and then avoid eating skins even after washing. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling fruits and veggies, too.

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Tuesday, June 10 , 2014

Parsley for Arthritis Pain

Do your joints ache from arthritis? Time to go green! We mean that you should make a healing green tea from this common supermarket herb. Here's how to do it...

Steep one cup of tightly packed, washed parsley in one quart of just-boiled water. After 15 minutes, strain the liquid. (Throw out the greens—they're done.)

Dose: Drink one-half cup of your parsley tea before breakfast, one-half cup before dinner and one-half cup anytime pain is particularly severe. Refrigerate any leftovers.

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Monday, June 09 , 2014

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Your Garden

Are you having a "bad hare day"? What a drag it is to see your chard or cabbage coming up, only to be chomped on by bunnies (or other critters)! Here's what to do...

To stop rabbits from enjoying a salad in your garden, wet down the leaves of your vegetable plants and sprinkle ground cayenne pepper on them. Repeat after every rain shower...and remember to wash your produce well before eating (but you were going to do that anyway).

To protect your seedlings, sprinkle baby powder on them. Rabbits hate the smell of talcum powder. Or sprinkle human hair all around where your plants are just coming up. Remember to ask your beautician to save the clippings when you (or a family member) get a trim.

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Thursday, June 05 , 2014

Prevent Dry Legs When Shaving

Here's a tip for the ladies...and for any gentlemen who also happen to shave their legs. If you hate the flakes that appear after you shave, throw away the shaving cream, lose the soap. Shave with this instead...

Go with oil—sesame, peanut or sunflower. Let the oil sit on your skin for five minutes before putting the razor to work. Also, to avoid razor bumps around the bikini area, shave in the direction of the hair growth—downward or sideways—not upward "against the grain."

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