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Thursday, June 13 , 2013

Eggplant Mask for Oily Skin

Is there anything that can be done for an oily complexion that doesn't involve drying out your skin with harsh chemicals? Of course! Try this natural fix: Purée in a blender one-half cup eggplant (skin and all) with one cup plain yogurt. Smear the mush on your face and neck (but not on the delicate skin around your eyes), and let it sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with tepid water. Follow this yogurt mask with a chamomile tea toner. Brew a cup of chamomile tea and let it cool. Splash it on your face right after your eggplant-yogurt treatment. To tone up your face during the day, fill a plastic plant mister with a cup of cooled chamomile tea and spray your face with it. Keep the mister in the refrigerator so you can use it to "freshen up," especially on hot, clammy days.

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Wednesday, June 12 , 2013

How to Keep Your Socks Matched Up

You can stop the tragic mishap of the missing sock at laundry time. Collect those soft plastic caps from gallon-sized jugs of spring water or from juice or milk containers (the kind with a little plastic tab). Cut an "X" in the middle of each cap (a box cutter blade works best, but a sharp knife should do the trick). Place these cut caps wherever sock wearers tend to take off their socks—in the bathroom, bedroom, den, etc. Then, each time a pair of socks is taken off, the wearer should push a small part of each sock in the pair through the cut in the cap, which can then be tossed in the hamper. When you do your laundry, you can throw the plastic cap and all into the washer and the dryer (the plastic will be fine in a cold or warm-water wash and regular-heat dry). Each pair of socks will stay together through the whole process—no sorting necessary, and no more missing socks.

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Tuesday, June 11 , 2013

Melted Plastic on Your Pot

It happens. You're dumping a bag of frozen peas into a hot pot on your stove and some plastic melts onto the pot metal. And it just won't come off with regular dish soap! Here's what to use: Nail polish remover. But take care—the smell is quite strong, so be sure to use only a little at a time. Remove the pot from the stove, empty it and cushion with layers of newspaper or an old sponge that's big enough to catch any nail polish remover drips. Angle the pot so that the plastic goo is facing upward. Carefully drip the polish remover onto the plastic spot, and let sit for five minutes. If the nail polish remover refuses to sit, blot the area with another old sponge dipped in the nail polish remover. The plastic should eventually peel off. If it doesn’t, repeat the process. Wash the pot well.  

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Monday, June 10 , 2013

How to Clean That Ink Blot on the Spot

It figures. The day you wear your favorite white shirt to work, your pen decides to leap out of your hands. Apply a dollop of foam shaving cream to the spot of ink, and let it sit for a few minutes. Dab the cream off with a clean cloth, and the mark should be gone.

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Friday, June 07 , 2013

What Can You Do to Stop Sweaty Hands?

It's time for your big interview with the big cheese. What is with the sweaty hands? This is a common nervous response, especially when you want to make a great first impression. To stop those icky palms, you need to distract your brain. When no one is looking, pinch your midriff (aka "love handle"—wherever you have the most to grab) so that it hurts. Hold the pinch for about 10 seconds, as close to handshake time as possible. Your handshake will be confident and sweat-free.

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Thursday, June 06 , 2013

Motion Sickness Remedy from Acupressure

The ancient healing art of acupressure—which uses no needles—can quell the queasy feelings of motion sickness. And you can do it on yourself. When you first start to feel that icky sensation coming on, start briskly massaging the ring finger and pinkie of each hand, alternating hands every three minutes and paying particular attention to the area around the pinkie's middle knuckle. You should feel relief within 15 minutes.

Most people think that motion sickness starts in the stomach. Not true! It’s the jarring of the semicircular canals in the ears—part of your balance system—that leads to those awful symptoms. The pressure points in your fingers can ameliorate the queasy feelings from imbalance.

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Wednesday, June 05 , 2013

Citrus Skins Reduce the Pain of a Sprain

Sprains and strains happen easily—and what a pain! To reduce the swelling of an injured joint (and after a doctor has confirmed that it really is  just a sprain and not a fractured or broken bone), take a big peel of an orange or grapefruit and apply it to the sprained area (put the white spongy side on the skin), binding it in place with a bandage. The bioflavonoids and concentrated vitamin C in the pith help reduce the swelling. Rest the injured joint with an ice pack on top, and change the peel every few hours until the swelling and pain are gone. 

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Tuesday, June 04 , 2013

Removing Candle Wax from a Carpet or Upholstery

Those candles on the coffee table create a nice ambience, but one wayward move can create a waxy mess on your carpet. Don't try to wipe the hot spill off your carpet or upholstery with a cloth! That'll just smear the wax around. Here's what to do: Cut off a section of a plain brown paper bag, and place it on top of the melted wax. With a medium-hot iron, press the paper for several seconds—long enough to soften the wax and have it transfer from the carpet or upholstery to the paper. If you have to repeat the process a few times, always use a new piece of brown paper. After the wax has been lifted, a stain may remain. Get some 3% hydrogen peroxide, which is less toxic than bleach and might not affect the dye in your carpet (but test an unseen section just to be sure). Dip a sponge in the peroxide, and gently blot the stain. After about 15 minutes of sponging, blot the stain with a dry paper towel. If the stain is lighter but still there, repeat the process.

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Monday, June 03 , 2013

Milk Bath for Sunburn

The first few sun exposures of the year can be real stingers. When you've gotten a little more sun than you've "basked" for, fill a quart jar with equal parts of milk and ice and two tablespoons of salt. Soak a washcloth in the cold mixture (don't wring it out), and place it on the sunburned area. Leave it on for about 15 minutes. Repeat the procedure three to four times throughout the day. This cooling compress soothes the skin and lightens the redness.

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Friday, May 31 , 2013

How to Clean Up Grease Spots in Your Garage

Do those garage-floor grease stains bother you every time you go in or out? Here's how to make them disappear. First, if there's still any slipperiness (or even a glob of grease) to the stain, sop it up with sawdust (available at home-improvement stores). Then pour cola on the stain, and let it stay on overnight. The next day, mix one-third cup of liquid dish detergent with three cups of plain, warmish water, and splash the stained area with the soapy water. Then hose it down with plain water. The grimy grease stain should be gone. If not, repeat the cola process.

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