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Wednesday, January 08 , 2014

Remove Stains from Your Fingernails

To get rid of fingernail stains (those pink hues that remain after you’ve removed your nail polish...or stains from food or art projects or any sticky situation), put tooth-whitening toothpaste on a toothbrush (not used for brushing your teeth) and gently distribute the paste on your nails. Let it sit on your nails for about 15 minutes...then brush as you rinse off the paste. Gently dry. Do this once a day. Note: Depending on the stain, it may take several tries before the discoloration completely disappears. Give it a rest after day one, and try again tomorrow. Soon your efforts will pay off.

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Tuesday, January 07 , 2014

A Little Help with Memory Loss

Are you feeling a little forgetful lately? It happens to everyone, especially as we get older. Life has a way of wearing down the brain waves...illness, stress, menopause, data overload. There’s just so much stuff you can stuff into your head! Here’s an herbal treatment to help kick your brain into gear...

Take a teaspoon of dried sage, and add it to a cup of just-boiled water. Add four cloves. Let this combo sit for five minutes, then drink the liquid. Do this every day.

We base our remedy on centuries of herbalists who have used sage to help memory loss, but modern-day scientists have discovered that sage inhibits the enzyme that breaks down the chemical messenger acetylcholine, which plays a role in maintaining focus and recall. Clove oil has also been shown to help with learning deficits.

And by the way—put your keys on the same hook near your door or in your kitchen every day when you get home. Simplify the small things, and that leaves more room in your brain for the big things.

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Monday, January 06 , 2014

A Fix for Frostnip

Frostbite occurs when the skin on a person's extremities (usually hands, feet and/or nose) has been exposed to cold temperatures for too long. If the skin is super cold, extremely pale and completely numb, sometimes with blisters, then there's a good chance that it's frostbite. A doctor's care is required immediately.

The chilling of the skin that occurs just before frostbite is frostnip. In this case, the skin might be paler than usual or red. It's not a serious condition, but you need to take care. Your extremities will feel tingly numb, like pins and needles, and sometimes you'll have a burning sensation. It's important that you warm up before the “nip” turns into a “bite”! Here's a remedy that will help speed along the warming process...

Warm up some olive oil (warm—not hot!), and gently dab it on the chilled, nipped skin, or apply the oil with a kitchen pastry brush. Note: Do not expose frostnipped extremities to hot water (or anything hot—don't stand in front of a fire or super-hot radiator). This can cause nerve damage. Be sure to warm up gently.

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Friday, January 03 , 2014

Winter Weekends and a Good Book

Ahhhh, there's nothing like curling up inside with a good book on a chilly winter weekend. Now, where's your favorite bookmark? It's probably under the couch...but don't bother looking. Try these two items for better place-keeping...

Sticky bookmark. It's just too easy for a bookmark to slip out of a book, especially if it's the laminated kind. If you don’t want to lose your place in a book, use a Post-it note instead. You can stick it directly on the page where you’ve stopped reading...or you can adhere it to the inside cover of the book—then, each time you stop reading, write the page number on the Post-it where you need to start again. You also can use a big Post-it (they're available quite large) as a sticky bookmark and a place to take notes as you read—for example, jotting down all the clues in a mystery, sifting out possible red herrings. A Post-it is an inexpensive, reusable, multitasking bookmark.

Perfect place-saver. The baby cries, a phone rings…nature calls! You can’t help it…you have to stop in the middle of a page. Use a bobby pin to mark the line where you stopped. It’ll grab the page exactly where you want it.

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Thursday, January 02 , 2014

Sound Advice for Jet Lag

When you travel by air, it can take one day to recover for every time zone that you pass through. If you fly from New York to California, that's three time zones, so three days of jet lag. That's a lot of days of lagging! Here's some advice that'll help you recover from jet lag more quickly...

As soon as you board the plane, pretend it's whatever time it actually is at your destination. In other words, if you board the plane at 7 pm in New York and you’re headed for London where it's 1 am, pull down your window shade or wear dark glasses and, if possible, go to sleep. If you board a plane late at night and it's already daylight at your destination, force yourself to stay awake during the flight. Making believe that you're already in the new time zone at the very start of your trip should help you acclimate more quickly. This seems like common sense, but it takes some discipline and clock watching to get the timing right.

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Wednesday, January 01 , 2014

Exhilarating New Year’s Face Cleanser

Champagne is not a beverage that keeps well. So if you have an open bottle that has even just a little left over, turn it into a delicious treat for your face. Mix one teaspoon of sugar with a few drops of champagne— enough to form a paste. In circular motions, apply the mixture to your face and neck, then rinse it off with lukewarm water and pat dry. The tartaric acid in the champagne, along with the abrasive quality of the sugar, should do a very thorough job of exfoliating your skin.

Have a Happy New Year, from Joan, Lydia and everyone at Bottom Line Publications!

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Tuesday, December 31 , 2013

Happy New Year Hangover Prevention

New Year's Eve is fun and crazy, but who wants to spend New Year's Day feeling like something the cat dragged in? Here’s an easy hangover remedy to help you have a happy New Year’s Day...

When you've finished drinking and are ready for bed, stir a tablespoon of sugar into an eight-ounce glass of orange juice and drink it down. The extra fructose in the nutrient-packed juice helps the body burn alcohol quickly. Of course, this sugar-packed solution is not for diabetics or others on extremely sugar-restricted diets. Also, drink one more glass of water for extra hydration, since alcohol dehydrates the body.

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Monday, December 30 , 2013

Protect Your Dog's Paws from the Snow

Neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night should keep you from walking your dog! But chemicals such as rock salt, which is used to melt snow or make it less slippery, can irritate a dog’s paws. And what does the dog do? Licks his sore paws, ingesting those nasty chemicals that make him sick. Here are two easy ways to protect your best friend’s paws in both fresh and not-so-fresh snow:

When your dog is going out in clean, unsalted snow, lightly spray the bottom of his paws with nonstick cooking spray so that the snow won’t get packed between his pads.

Before your dog goes out onto salted sidewalks or other chemical-treated surfaces, protect his paws by putting small plastic sandwich bags (the snack-size bags work well for small dogs) over them and securing with small hair bands. If your dog hates the plastic bags or if the bags are too slippery (which may be the case with big, long-legged dogs), use baby socks instead, also securing them with small hair bands. They are not as protective as plastic bags—but they will block some of the nasty stuff on the sidewalk. Just don’t let Spot’s socks get too wet, please.

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Friday, December 27 , 2013

Easy Home Remedy to Stop a Cold Sore

About 85% of all Americans are prone to cold sores. These unsightly blemishes are caused by the herpes simplex virus. They often burst into view when you least want them—usually when your resistance is low because of a cold, the flu, pregnancy, sunburn, or before a job interview, your wedding day or some other stressful event. Cold sores generally take about two weeks to clear up. Here’s an easy home remedy to speed up the healing process...

Combine one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with one tablespoon of honey (preferably raw honey), and dab the cold sore with a cotton swab dipped in this mixture. Do this three times a day (once in the morning, afternoon and evening). The sore should be gone in less than a week.

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Thursday, December 26 , 2013

Cold-Weather Itchy-Skin Relief

Cold weather and itchy skin usually go hand in hand. When the heat comes on, the humidity goes down, and the dry air can make your whole body feel like a patch of sandpaper. Here’s a simple, inexpensive kitchen remedy that will make your skin feel (and look) good again...

Once a week, slough off the dead skin cells from your itchy areas with a nonchemical, gently abrasive exfoliant. Take one-eighth cup of stone-ground cornmeal and mix in enough water (about one scant tablespoon) to make a thick paste. Gently scrub the itchy areas (shins, arms, elbows...it’s gentle enough for your face, too) with the cornmeal paste. Wipe off the remaining paste with a damp wash cloth, and enjoy your soft, smooth skin.

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