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Monday, February 17 , 2014

Fix Those Loose Screws Once and For All

Do your eyeglasses have a constant screw loose? If you can do delicate work with a tiny screwdriver, then unscrew the screws on each side of the glasses three-quarters of the way. Apply a thin coat of colorless nail polish to the threads of each screw, and then tighten them. This will prevent the screws from getting loose again. What if you don't have a tiny screwdriver? Here's what to do...

If your tiny screws are loose and you don't have a tiny screwdriver, press a pencil eraser against each screw and turn the pencil counterclockwise to unscrew it three-quarters of the way. The eraser is not slippery, so it will provide enough traction to rotate the screws. Apply clear nail polish to the threads of the little screws, and then tighten them back into place with the pencil eraser.

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Monday, July 29 , 2013

If You Have a Screw Loose...

That drawer knob just doesn't want to screw in tight to that drawer or cabinet door. What to do? Remove the screw from the knob. Coat the screw hole with a just-dipped nail polish brush, dabbing it just enough so that a thin layer forms. (Depending on how your knob is constructed, you may need to pull the screw out of the actual knob or simply work with the hole in your drawer or cabinet door.) Let the nail polish set for a minute, and then insert the screw and tighten. The bulk provided by the half-dried polish will help the screw tighten better right away...and then the cured polish will help keep it that way.

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Tuesday, June 05 , 2012

How to Handle A Screwdriver

To keep a screwdriver from slipping off the head of the screw, rub chalk on the end of the screwdriver before using it.