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Monday, April 20 , 2015

How to Garden with Allergies

It's the heart of allergy season and it seems the sneezing gets worse every year, but a person has got to garden! Here's what to do…

If you suffer from allergies, it's actually better to garden on damp and rainy days (when pollen is washed off plants)…and in the evening (when pollen counts are lowest), if possible. Also, be sure to eliminate all weeds from your garden—weeds (for example, ragweed and tumbleweed) are common allergens, so get them out of your garden when they're small and relatively harmless.

And remember, before entering your house, always remove all of your gardening clothes, dust off your shoes, and don't forget to clean your glasses.

Natural ways to relieve allergies…


Monday, April 09 , 2012

Best Time to Vacuum

When it’s raining or humid outside, open the windows and vacuum. The moisture in the air helps prevent dust from flying and landing on the carpet again.