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Tuesday, June 24 , 2014

The Condiment for Bug Bites

Are you getting ready for a picnic or barbecue? Don't forget this condiment...and it's not just for hot dogs.

If you're at a picnic and you get an insect bite or sting, apply mustard to the area to help relieve the pain, itch and redness. You also can use ice cubes or a paste made from table salt and water to bring down the swelling (these are good remedies, but they don’t quite cut the mustard).

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Thursday, July 05 , 2012

Mustard Removes Odors

If you want to re-use glass food jars, you may want to remove the odors left by the original contents.

For a medium-sized jar, put one teaspoon of dry mustard in the jar; fill to the rim with water. Leave it that way for 4 to 6 hours and rinse thoroughly with hot water. The jar should be odor-free.