Thursday, July 04 , 2013

Keep Mosquitoes Away the Natural Way

Category: Natural Cures

What's the worst part of waiting for the fireworks to start? Mosquito bites! And you forgot the bug spray...or you don't love the idea of the chemical DEET on your skin (studies have associated it with neurological damage). What to do? Grab that garnish off the potato salad! Here's what we mean: Rub fresh parsley (a few stems with leaves should be fine) on the exposed parts of your body to keep the mosquitoes away. If you dread mosquito bites more than you mind smelling like garlic, then rub a cut garlic clove all over your naked skin. Both mosquitoes and vampires will hate you. Or be sure to sit by a geranium (or two or three)—mosquitoes despise the smell of geraniums (we're not sure about vampires).

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