Tuesday, April 14 , 2015

Musician’s Lung Secret

With Leonard Nimoy's recent passing, we've been reminded of the extensive damage lung disease (usually caused by smoking!) can do. Here's something to help build up your lungs without harmful drugs.

This remedy requires an investment of a little bit of money and some time. But if you want to increase your lung power and breath control, try taking up a musical instrument—the harmonica. It's fun! Don’t use a cheap, awful-sounding toy. Get the real thing—the “Marine Band” style, made by Hohner. It's a good beginner's harmonica, and it's inexpensive at around $35.

Hohner also publishes books that teach you to play the harmonica while you strengthen your lungs. Playing the harmonica has even been known to alleviate symptoms of emphysema. Who knows—it may start you on a whole new career. For more information, check out the article Colorado Patients Coping with COPD Hum on the Harmonica for Help on the Hohner website.

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Tuesday, April 07 , 2015

The Florida Cure for Insomnia

Not a big milk drinker? Try this healthful sleep elixir. It's not a tea. Believe us…it's an easy pour away…

Try drinking a six-ounce glass of pure, warmed grapefruit juice one-half hour or so before you go to bed. We like to pop a half mug into the microwave and heat it for 40 seconds…you don't want it boiling. If you need to have it sweetened, use a bit of raw honey. Grapefruit contains tryptophan, the same substance in turkey that makes everyone nod off after the big Thanksgiving feast.

Caution: Grapefruit can interfere with certain medications—check with your doctor before trying this remedy. In addition, diabetics and people with honey allergies should not use honey.

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Tuesday, March 31 , 2015

Acupressure for a Stomachache

Ouch. Where'd that tummy ache come from? It's just painful enough to distract you from enjoying your day. Here's a quick drug-free fix…

According to a Chinese massage therapist we know, if you are having stomach discomfort, there will be tender areas at the sides of your knees, just below the kneecaps. The areas are about four finger widths (not lengths) down from the bottom of your kneecap and to the right and left of your shin bones (see illustration). As you massage those spots and the tenderness decreases, so should the corresponding stomachache.

Caution: A severe or constant abdominal pain needs medical attention!

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Wednesday, March 18 , 2015

Yawn Away Wrinkles

Yawning is so contagious…and it can be embarrassing if done at the wrong place or the wrong time. But there's a way you can make it really good for you. Here's how…

Each time you yawn (or every other yawn when you are not surrounded by people), use the opportunity to tone your face and neck muscles. Inhale deeply as you yawn, and open your mouth as wide as it will go. As you exhale, stick out your tongue and roll your eyes upward. If you're alone—or around people with ear buds or who don't mind you making weird noises—make a loud roar like a lion. These are classic yoga moves that have been used for centuries to reduce neck and face wrinkles. They work!

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Thursday, March 12 , 2015

Homemade Blemish Buster

Oh no! Where'd that zit come from? Acne belongs back in high school…not on your face the day before a dinner party, family event or job interview. You can buy strong medicine to keep your skin clear, but it's hardly worth the expense and skin-drying harshness for the occasional breakout. Here's what to do…

Make a paste using equal amounts of cornstarch and rubbing alcohol—one-half teaspoon of each should be enough—and put it on the pimple to dry it out. Leave it on overnight and the zit should be history in the morning.

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Wednesday, March 04 , 2015

Instant Fatigue Fighter

We hear it all the time. People are constantly tired. They lack energy. They have no get-up-and-go. For the most part, their days start early in the morning and end late at night, with all kinds of obligations and tension in between.

If you fit the above description, it may be time to rethink your life and make some changes. While you're contemplating ways to be kinder to yourself, here's an instant fatigue fighter to help you get through the afternoon.

Energy lines directly connected to internal organs and body functions run through your earlobes. To activate this acupressure fix, use your thumbs and index fingers to rub your earlobes for about 15 seconds. It should wake up your entire nervous system.

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Monday, March 02 , 2015

Eat This Before You Go to the Dentist

Who doesn't love going to the dentist for some heavy-duty tooth-and-gum work? Here's a bit of natural help to heal your sore mouth after all the drilling is done.

Three days before you go to the dentist, start eating pineapple. Have a serving of fresh pineapple or a cup of canned pineapple in its own juice, and drink a cup of 100% pineapple juice every day. The enzymes in pineapple should help reduce pain and discomfort. They can also help speed the healing process.

Continue the pineapple regimen for a day or two after the dental work is completed.

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Tuesday, February 24 , 2015

Tea for Tired Eyes

Eyestrain is so common today as we stare constantly at screens and work into the late-night hours. Here's a natural way to make your eyes look and feel better.

What better name than eyebright for an herb that can soothe sore eyes, alleviate eyestrain and clear up bloodshot eyes. Mix one ounce of eyebright—the whole dried herb, available at health-food and herb shops—into a pint of just-boiled water. Let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain through a super-fine strainer. Drink a cup of the tea. Use the other cup of tepid tea for dipping cotton pads and placing them on your closed eyes. Leave the damp cotton pads on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Blink…and then see and feel the difference!

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Monday, February 23 , 2015

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

We recently came across an old Carmex lip balm pot whose contents had dried out. Well, we weren't about to throw out a perfectly good container! Here's what we did…

We salvaged a clump of remains from our favorite tube of lipstick, and put it in a small microwave-safe glass bowl along with an equal amount of petroleum jelly. Then we zapped the bowl on high for 10 seconds at a time, until the mixture melted (it ended up being 20 seconds in our 1100-watt machine). In between zappings, we stirred the mixture with a toothpick. While it was still warm, we transferred our new lip gloss to the lip balm pot using a small rubber spatula. Voila! Free lip gloss!

If you don't have any old lip balm pots, you should be able to find similar empty containers at your local drugstore.

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Thursday, February 12 , 2015

Quick Fix for a Burnt Throat

You were so hungry, and that hot pizza looked so good…you couldn't resist taking a big bite and swallowing. Screaming-hot cheese has now burned your throat. Here's a fast fix…

If you just ate or drank something that was too hot, two teaspoons of olive oil will soothe and coat a burnt throat. A tablespoon of honey will also help, if you prefer sweet to savory.

Caution: Hot liquids can kill! Make sure that tea or coffee sits a bit before you take a gulp. Click here to find out just how dangerous your too-hot beverage can be.

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