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Thursday, February 26 , 2015

Watch the Best Way to Heal a Foot Sprain

Did you know that if you ice an injured joint too much, you could do more harm than good? Watch here the correct way to heal a sprain, including the proper application of ice that will reduce inflammation the fastest.

Tuesday, February 24 , 2015

Tea for Tired Eyes

Eyestrain is so common today as we stare constantly at screens and work into the late-night hours. Here's a natural way to make your eyes look and feel better.

What better name than eyebright for an herb that can soothe sore eyes, alleviate eyestrain and clear up bloodshot eyes. Mix one ounce of eyebright—the whole dried herb, available at health-food and herb shops—into a pint of just-boiled water. Let it steep for 10 minutes, then strain through a super-fine strainer. Drink a cup of the tea. Use the other cup of tepid tea for dipping cotton pads and placing them on your closed eyes. Leave the damp cotton pads on your eyes for about 15 minutes. Blink…and then see and feel the difference!

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Tuesday, February 24 , 2015

Take Your Delicates for a Spin

You finally got around to hand-washing that lacy top or silk scarf. Now, after all your careful handling, the last thing you want to do is wring out the garment, which could ruin the delicate fibers. Here's what to do instead…

Give your hand-washed gentle wear a drying headstart by swirling them around in a salad spinner (you might want to designate a spinner just for this purpose). Once the excess moisture is removed, they'll dry a lot quicker when you hang them up.

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Monday, February 23 , 2015

Make Your Own Lip Gloss

We recently came across an old Carmex lip balm pot whose contents had dried out. Well, we weren't about to throw out a perfectly good container! Here's what we did…

We salvaged a clump of remains from our favorite tube of lipstick, and put it in a small microwave-safe glass bowl along with an equal amount of petroleum jelly. Then we zapped the bowl on high for 10 seconds at a time, until the mixture melted (it ended up being 20 seconds in our 1100-watt machine). In between zappings, we stirred the mixture with a toothpick. While it was still warm, we transferred our new lip gloss to the lip balm pot using a small rubber spatula. Voila! Free lip gloss!

If you don't have any old lip balm pots, you should be able to find similar empty containers at your local drugstore.

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Monday, February 23 , 2015

Nutty Way to Fix Stinky Fish Smell

You need to eat more fish! That's what all the smart health experts say. Fish fillets are easy to prepare, and there are many ways to make them taste great. Too bad they can smell so fishy when you cook them up. Here's what to do…

If there's a frying-fish odor when you're cooking fish on your stove top, add one teaspoon of peanut butter to the pan to eliminate the smell. The peanut butter will also add an interesting taste.

Check out this easy, healthful recipe that combines fish and peanut butter.

Caution: If you’re preparing peanut butter fish for guests, be sure none of them has a peanut allergy.

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Friday, February 20 , 2015

Detox Your Dishcloths

Dishcloths and sponges often harbor a stale smell that just won't go away, even after running them through the washing machine or dishwasher. Old sponges you can throw out, but dishcloths are made to recycle. Here's what to do…

Soak your dishcloth (or sponge, if you're not quite ready to throw it out) overnight in a solution of one cup hot water (we like to boil the water first), one-half cup white vinegar and three tablespoons table salt. This amount is enough to soak one eight-inch square dishcloth…double up the portions if you are soaking more than one cloth. In the morning, rinse out the cloth with warm water. The cloth or sponge should be stink-free and ready to clean!

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Thursday, February 19 , 2015

What Color Did I Paint That Room?

It's time to paint your bedroom or guest room or wherever, and you've discovered the best color ever. Here's a way to guarantee you'll remember that specific shade for future repaints.

Record all your painting info under the light-switch cover. After you paint but before you put the light-switch cover back in place, make a note on the wall of the brand and exact paint color you're using. Also include the amount of paint it took to do the entire room. Replace the cover, and your painting record is there for keeps.

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Thursday, February 19 , 2015

Quick Way to Peel Garlic

You know the usual way to skin a garlic clove…you smack it with the flat side of a knife (or we like the bottom of a large, heavy can). The skin comes right off…and what do you have? Smashed garlic, ready to go. But what if you want a nice, whole naked clove to make uniform slices or to use in your 40-cloves-of-garlic recipe? Here's what to do…

Rapidly rub a clove of garlic between your palms (as if you were briskly rubbing your hands together to keep them warm), applying firm pressure but not too much—you want to keep the clove whole. The thin garlic skins should come right off, while your beautiful garlic clove stays intact.

If you want to peel many cloves (or you don't want your palms to smell like garlic), you can immerse the clove(s) in cold water for 20 minutes. If you forgot to plan ahead, immerse in hot water (just-boiled or from the tap is fine) for five seconds. The skins will slip right off. The hot water will soften the garlic slightly, but it will stay firm enough to slice.

Thanks to David Boyer, editor of The Daily Burst free e-letter for help with this tip.

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Wednesday, February 18 , 2015

Better Than Woolite for Fine Washables

Did you forget to restock your Woolite? Here's what to use on your fine washables—it's cheaper and works just as well, and there's a good chance you have both items on hand.

You can wash washable silk with shampoo. But make sure its first ingredient is water, not oil. Add about a capful to a basin of tepid water, and swish the silk item around for a few minutes. In another sinkful or basin of rinse water, add a capful of hair conditioner to soften your silk. Don't soak or wring out. Instead, drip-dry out of the direct sunlight. See Texere Silk for more.

You can do the same with other fine washables (lace, knitwear, etc.), except feel free to soak the item for a good 10 minutes. Then gently rinse the garment (adding your favorite, fragrant hair conditioner to the rinse water, if you'd like) and drip-dry.

Think about it…the amino acids in shampoo and hair conditioner make hair clean and soft, so they should make your delicate garments clean and soft as well.

Thanks to LifeHacker.com for help with this tip.

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Thursday, February 12 , 2015

Quick Fix for a Burnt Throat

You were so hungry, and that hot pizza looked so good…you couldn't resist taking a big bite and swallowing. Screaming-hot cheese has now burned your throat. Here's a fast fix…

If you just ate or drank something that was too hot, two teaspoons of olive oil will soothe and coat a burnt throat. A tablespoon of honey will also help, if you prefer sweet to savory.

Caution: Hot liquids can kill! Make sure that tea or coffee sits a bit before you take a gulp. Click here to find out just how dangerous your too-hot beverage can be.

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